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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't We Need to Fight Cap & Tax as Well?

I was sitting here typing up my notes from the Hunterdon County Freeholder's meeting, while listening to Larry Kudlow on WABC talking about the "Cap & Trade" legislation.

It's looking likely that the Democrats will push this through the Senate using the "reconciliation" procedure, which will allow them to bypass the threat of filibuster and enact "Cap & Trade" with a simple majority of 50 votes. The Senate would do this by including the "Cap & Trade" legislation with the budget legislation, which may be voted on as early as this coming week.

It occurred to me that in the long run, "Cap & Trade" has a much greater potential for harm than a tax increase. After all, tax increases can be repealed, taxes can be lowered, and so on.

But it's simply beyond all rationality that this government would willingly curtail the exploitation of our own natural resources, and bring about economic hardship and a lower quality of life for its citizens, in the name of fighting a phenomenon which is being called more and more into question by reputable scientists.

I'm curious to know what others think about this. I'm going to put a "poll question" on the Yahoo Groups website, asking if you think th
at the "Tea Party" movement should take an "official" position on the Cap & Trade legislation. When you have a chance, please take a minute to answer it. Thanks!

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