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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is This Tea Party a "Republican" Rally?

Several people have asked, "Is this a Republican rally?", or some similar question.

The simple answer is “No”. This Tea Party is for everyone - of any or no political persuasion - who’s concerned about the endless spending spree that the Federal government is currently engaged in!

In keeping with the spirit of the Tea Parties being held throughout the country on April 15th, this event is not affiliated with any political party or organization. Nor are we inviting any “official” speakers from any party or organization.

A small article has appeared in the local paper, the Hunterdon County Democrat which makes it appear that the Flemington Tea party is sponsored by a group called the "Republican Grassroots Volunteers". The organizers of the Flemington Tea Party did not place that article, and we don't know who did. As stated above, be assured that this event is completely non-partisan.

We believe the focus should be on protesting Washington’s out-of-control “tax and spend” mentality. And while we’re all probably pretty much in agreement as to which political party is the main promoter of that philosophy, it’s pretty certain a lot of us believe the other party hasn’t done much lately to rein in spending.

That said, at least one person asked about inviting the local (Republican) Congressman, so he could “see our frustration”. We said sure, go ahead and invite him, but please try to make it clear that it’s not for the purpose of giving a canned speech, in which we’re told exactly what we want to hear. (Yeah, good luck with asking a politician not to give a speech!) With any luck, he’ll be out of town that day.

Another person asked about doing some voter registration for the Republicans. Again, we said go ahead, but please don’t do it in a way that makes it appear that this event is in any way connected with the Republican party – because it isn’t!

So to sum up – it’s our intent to make everyone feel welcome at this event, no matter your political leanings. All that’s required is a healthy (okay, huge) dose of skepticism when it comes to the current spending plans of the Federal government!

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