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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

President Obama, Please Don't Insult Our Intelligence

Dear President Obama:

Please don't insult the intelligence of the American people with cheap publicity stunts like the one you pulled this past Monday, the 20th. I'm talking about your staged cabinet meeting, at which you made a point of exhorting your cabinet members to come up with 100 million dollars in budget savings.

Your proposed budget totals 3.6 trillion dollars. We can do the math, Mr. President, and we have. Your much-advertised savings of $100 million comes to about 0.0028% of your proposed budget. In words, that's about 3 one-thousandths of one percent!

Put another way, the amount of your "savings" represents about 13 minutes of Federal Government spending, based on what it's expected to spend this year. (White House on defensive over spending cuts)

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words (or in this case, 3.6 trillion dollars). The Heritage Organization has created a very useful visual aid to put the "$100 million savings" in perspective:

Mr. President, when even the Associated Press questions the sincerity of this "belt tightening" (SPIN METER: Saving federal money the easy way), and when the White House press corps grills your press secretary over it, you have to face the fact that most people see through your cheap publicity stunt.

And Mr. President, please don't then add injury to insult by proposing a 100 billion dollar loan to the IMF on the very same day you stage this cheap publicity stunt (Obama’s “belt-tightening” just useless spin).

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  1. Obama isn't the intellectual the media makes him out to be. He can't speak without a teleprompter, and he really believed that we woudl oo and ah over $100 million. I think he hoped we would forget about the $9 trillion the government plans to spend to 'bail us out' of the 'worst economy in the history of worst economies.' I wish they would just be honest with us and tell us who controls Obama's strings. Obama was the opposite of Bush on everything during the campaing, now that he is in the office, he is continuing the wire tapping and moving to make the government immune to it, increasing the war efforts and crating a loophole to keep troops in Iraq with a play in words, and it's obvious Obama is a product of Wall Street since he has so many influential CEO friends at his side. Weren't they upset at Bush's CEO friends throughout his administration. The WHO was right--meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Americans eat it up because he has a jack ass behind his name which says he isn't a Republican.