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Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama ridicules Tea Party attendees

This has been widely reported, but in case you missed it, President Obama went out of his way to ridicule the attendees of the Tea Parties the other day, in one of his speeches celebrating our new national holiday, his 100th day in office.

The ridicule comes at 2:13 into the clip, in a juvenile remark about "folks waving tea bags around".  I'm convinced said that to acknowledge the leftist media's infantile delight in calling the attendees of the Tea Parties "teabaggers".   Just as he made sure during the campaign to include the "lipstick on a  pig" comment in one of his speeches.

In addition to the ridicule he makes the same old tired points. 
  • "We inherited the $1.3 trillion deficit"  (So it's okay to run it up to $5 trillion!)
  • "That wasn't me"  (Sell, yes it was. You were in the Senate and voted for the budgets that created that deficit)
  • "Biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression"
  • "We've got to have health care reform this year ... to make health care affordable for American families, businesses, and for our government"  (Hmm, I hadn't realized until now that "our government" needed health care.  I knew it was very sick, but didnt' realize that health care could make it better!)
The President said he would be "happy to have a serious conversation" about these things. I think we should all call the White House and see if he's in, and have that conversation with him. 

The White House phone number is 202-456-1111. However, that number is almost always busy, so use 202-456-1112 instead.

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