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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Summary of Protest at Lance's Office

Here's my quick summary of the protest at Leonard Lance's office:

Attendance was approx. 25-30, enough to get the attention of all the cars passing by! As it turned out Lance was actually at the office, and we ended up inside meeting with him for about an hour. Everyone was quite vocal in their opposition.

For his part, Lance made the following points in defense of his vote:
- He campaigned as an environmentalist
- He campaigned against a "carbon tax" but in favor of cap & trade
- He believes cap & trade will help New Jersey, which he believes will benefit to the tune of about $100 million
- He believes it will create "green jobs" in NJ
- He claimed to have read the entire bill before voting on it

Needless to say, nobody changed anybody's mind during this meeting, although the group made many excellent points based as to the "wrongness" of cap & trade. We demonstrated to him that there are lots of well-informed constituents out there who are NOT HAPPY about this!

Lance also said he supports nuclear power, using the advanced technology for waste processing developed by the French.

(And on a different topic, he directly said that he would vote against health care reform if it included the "public option" much desired by the Obama administration.)

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  1. Lance doesn't get it. There is no need for 'cap and trade' because carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and global warming/climate change is an outrageous hoax being perpetrated to create an enormous boondoggle.

    See this interview with Sen. James inhofe: