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Friday, July 17, 2009

CNN Fires Susan Roesgen

Some of you may recall Susan Roesgen, the insanely biased CNN on-air microphone holder (can't call her a journalist) who "interviewed" attendees of the April 15th Tea Parties by harassing and yelling at them.

We posted this article about her at the time:

You'll be pleased to know that her contract was not renewed by CNN. Although CNN is not stating the reason for this action, you can bet your bippy that all the emails and phone calls they received over Roesgen's disgraceful performance were a primary factor.

If you'd like to congratulate Ms. Roesgen on her new-found freedom, her email address is (or possibly, "was" - not sure if it still works):


If you'd like to congratulate CNN for its firing of her, it's probably fitting to send a note to the same folks we complained to:


And here's some YouTube video to refresh your recollection:

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