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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whatever Happened to "Grass Roots Activism"?

As anti-war protesters called President Bush "Hitler", "Satan", etc. etc., the state-run media told us that this was democracy at its finest, we were hearing the "voice of the American people" expressed by a patriotic "grass roots movement" against the war!

Hmmm. Looks like "grass roots activism" has gone out of style. Here's how they're describing the groundswell of opposition to the government takeover of health care being expressed at Town Hall meetings this month:

"Angry teabaggers and other opponents of health care reform are heckling members of Congress at their town hall meetings back home in an effort to sway the debate and drown out reform supporters."

Admittedly, "Talking Points Memo" is a left-wing funded website. But there's no question that the state-run media has overwhelmingly covered these protests in the same way!

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