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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ClimateGate: The Earth has Been Cooling

If you've missed it, there is a scandal brewing in the "Warmist" (un)scientific community, over a trove of emails and data that has been publicly released, revealing that scientists have conspired to conceal and alter data that did not support their false "Global Warming" hypothesis.

You can read about it in these posts on the PowerLine blog. They're a bit long, but well worth reading because they'll quickly get you up to speed on this emerging scandal, that has the potential to blow the lid off of this "Fraud of the Century".

The emails and data are still being combed through, and more revelations are coming out. The latest concerns emails in which Warmist "scientists" reveal that they know full well that the Earth has been cooling over the last several years, and has the potential to continue this trend for quite a while. The details are in this post:

One of the most revealing statements is this, by one of the "scientists" involved:

Also - relevant to your statement - A1B-AR4 runs show potential for a distinct lack of warming in the early 21st C, which I'm sure skeptics would love to see replicated in the real world.

What this "scientist" really means is that (un)scientific fraudsters would hate to see a "distinct lack of warming", since it would reveal them all as the charlatans they are.

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