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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Census Uses School Kids to "Deliver the Message" to Their Families

I was browsing the Census Bureau's website, "2010.census.gov" the other day, and found that they've created a new program called "2010 Census: It’s About Us".

The purpose of the program is to teach school children all about how great the census is, and then to go home and tell their parents how great it is, and to make sure to fill out the census form! Or in the Census Bureau's own words:

The program will provide educators with resources to teach the nation’s students about the
importance of the census so children can help deliver this message to their families. The program will engage America’s youth to help ensure every child and every household member is counted in 2010.

  • Think your child is too young to participate? No worries! The program will provide "Age-specific educational materials for students in kindergarten through 12th grade".
  • Concerned that your child may forget to inform you of the benefits of the census? Silly you! Of course, the program includes "family take-home kits".
  • Don't want all that paper cluttering up the house? Hey, this program was developed with you in mind! The program has created lots of online resources "to teach students and their families about the census’ role in U.S. history, current events and more."
  • You say your children are home-schooled, and you think you're gonna miss out on all the fun? My goodness, how could you think your government would forget about you! Among other audiences, the "program will reach ... Home schools, through Web-based materials."
  • Think that even with all this, the Census Bureau just isn't doing enough to promote the census in our schools? Think again! They've planned "Opportunities to discuss and practice civic responsibility through five 15-minute lessons, available online, during a Census in Schools Week celebration." Yipee! (The week-long "celebrations" are scheduled for January through March 2010.)

And naturally, since nothing our government does these days is done without due deference to "The Community", why should this program be any different? And so, the program makes sure to "Challenge students to get to know their communities and think about community needs."

Here's a link to the Census in Schools program brochure:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Week After Big Health Care Speech, Obama Loses His "Bounce"

President Obama has lost his 5-point "bounce" in the polls gained after making his big health care speech to Congress last Wednesday.

On Sept. 9th, the day he gave the speech, the Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index stood at -8. Within 5 days, Obama had gained 5 points, with the index at -3. Now, 8 days later, the index is back to -8.

That's the good news. The better news is that the health care fight among the Democrats is picking up, with the very different House and Senate bills now set to do battle in public. And, it was reported on WOR radio this morning that work on the Cap & Trade bill will resume within the next couple of weeks. (I find that hard to believe, but these guys may just be that crazy!) And remember it was reported about a month ago that Obama's immigration reform is just around the corner!

With any luck, Obama will beat his record low of -14 within the next 2 or 3 weeks!