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Friday, September 18, 2015

Why Does the GOP Allow the Mainstream Media to Interfere in its Nomination Process?

Why does the GOP cheerfully acquiesce in having the mainstream media pointlessly grill its candidates, and herd them into arguing with each other time after time, hour after hour?

Does the GOP even have an inkling of a clue that the mainstream media uses these non-debates for its own purposes? 

Does the GOP understand that the mainstream media hates the GOP?

Remember last week?  The only news stories besides Trump were about Hillary's lying about her criminal use of her own private email server to store classified information.

Has anyone heard any mention of Hillary's criminal mishandling of classified information this week?

No?  Why not?

Because the media have successfully used the non-debate as a distraction.

And the GOP has cheerfully - and stupidly - acquiesced in this interference.

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