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Friday, September 18, 2015

Is Chris Christie a Boot-Licking Toady Waterboy of the Establishment GOP?

Just heard Chris Christie say that he wasn't going to "lecture" Donald Trump on what he should have done about the "Muslim questioner" at Trump's New Hampshire Town Hall this week.

Christie went on to say that if it were he, he would have corrected the man.

Well - 

If Christie doesn't think it's his place to "lecture" Donald Trump, why does he think it's his place to "lecture" someone who asks such a question?

Why Does the GOP Allow the Mainstream Media to Interfere in its Nomination Process?

Why does the GOP cheerfully acquiesce in having the mainstream media pointlessly grill its candidates, and herd them into arguing with each other time after time, hour after hour?

Does the GOP even have an inkling of a clue that the mainstream media uses these non-debates for its own purposes? 

Does the GOP understand that the mainstream media hates the GOP?

Remember last week?  The only news stories besides Trump were about Hillary's lying about her criminal use of her own private email server to store classified information.

Has anyone heard any mention of Hillary's criminal mishandling of classified information this week?

No?  Why not?

Because the media have successfully used the non-debate as a distraction.

And the GOP has cheerfully - and stupidly - acquiesced in this interference.

Long Time, No Tea

I see the last post here was April 22nd, 2010.  Wow!  It's incredible to realize everything that's transpired since then.

As we all know, the "Tea Party" movement as such has more or less dwindled down to a "background" force, electing a few people here and there.

But I'd like to share a thought - a question, really - with whoever who may come across this:

Does the popularity of Donald Trump represent "Tea Party II"?  (Or maybe - the "T Party"?)

Here are my thoughts:

- The Tea Party was about rejecting the status quo, and restoring sane government to Washington.

- The Tea Party was a reaction against the Establishment GOP. (When we announced the first local Tea Party rally here, the local GOP contacted us and asked for a table to hawk their candidates. We said NO.)

- The Establishment GOP went to war with the Tea Party, and is still at war with what remains of it.

Well - all these things are true of the Trump campaign as well.

What makes Trump different is that he provides a single point of focus, someone we can all "hang our hat on", which is what the Tea Party movement lacked.

Just a thought.